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Clare Rafferty


Fat Loss
Lean Muscle Development
Nutrition Advice & Guidance
Personal Development
Photo Shoot / Contest Prep
Strength & Conditioning
Muscle Activation Techniques


Level 4 Strength & Conditioning
ACA Nutrition Diploma
Les Mills Elite Trainer and Tribe Coach
Level 3 PT - Anatomy, Physiology & Nutrition
MSc Gender Studies & Sport
Metafit, Spin, Basic ETM
Power Plate Reps
Netball Level 2


Describe your attitude to fitness in 3 words?

Lift, laugh & learn

What is your favourite exercise?

I'm in a love/hate relationship with the Bulgarian Split Squat. I do them every leg day as I love the burn, but the mental prep to get them done is torture.

How do you start your day?

I'm an early morning training type. I like to get up and get it done. If I am not in the gym first thing it must be rest day and you will find me out walking.

Trainer Bio

Clare has been working as a fitness coach since 2013 starting off as a Les Mills instructor and netball coach. She then earned a scholarship to the University of Stirling 2014-2016 to complete her MSc working as Head Coach and Fitness Instructor. She turned to bodybuilding in June 2015 to give her better focus and more goal oriented motivators.  Now she competes with the WBFF and specialises in lifestyle transformation helping clients find confidence and happiness.

Clare is a Tier 2 Trainer

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