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Christian Mantuano

Christian specialises in functional strength training and feels current lifestyles result in a high rate of body dysfunction from bad food choices, posture problems, pains and poor or little movement. He believes in coaching clients and working together to find the balance in which your body is able to rid itself of what it doesn’t need.

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Movement & Mobility Trainer
Muscle Imbalance Correction
Fat loss through strength
Strength Trainer


NASM - Performance Specialisation Enhancement
Level 3 Personal Training
British Triathlon Coach
Swim Coach


In 2011 Christian left the Real Estate and sales industry and moved to Norway, where he began to work as a personal trainer. Christian’s sporting achievements include finishing second place in a major UK based triathlon as well as completing numerous long distance cycling events in under 24 hours.
His experience and background allows him to work with clients of all ages and levels of fitness, helping each individual reach their full potential. Christian’s focus and motivation is on making sure you succeed and he will be with you every step of the way.

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