Chloe Pickford

Chloe has a huge sporting background and uses her experience & knowledge to inspire and motivate each and every one of her clients. She takes a bespoke approach to each clients programming, with the goal of improving their lifestyle and long term health. Whatever your goal Chloe will help you get there.

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Body transformation
Muscle hypertrophy
Fat loss
Competition Prep


BSc Sports and Exercise Sci
REPS Level 3 PT


Chloe is a competitive figure athlete and 2018 British Champion. She has also represented the UK in the World Championships. Chloe has a passion for transforming individuals physiques and changing lives for the better. Her clients leave with not only improved physiques but the motivation to continue their training and belief in their own abilities. Chloe believes that anything is possible with the right mindset, this is what she instils in her clients.

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