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Chiara Pellegrino


Strength & Conditioning
Functional Training
Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching
Fat Loss & Toning
Group Class Exercises


Indoor Cycling Instructing Training
Barre & Garuda Instructing Training
Level 1 - Bioprint Practitioner Certified (Body Fat testing and profile Analysis)
Premier Certificate in Kettlebells & TRX Training
Active IQ Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training at Premier Global
Active IQ Level 2 Diploma in Fitness Instructing at Premier Global


How do you start your day?

I like to start my morning with things that make me feel positive and help collect my thoughts for the day ahead. I have lemon water and a banana before a morning run or a yoga session in the park, followed by a high protein breakfast.

What is your pre and post workout go-to food?

Since my workout sessions are always intense and sweaty, I have a black coffee and slow-energy-release carbohydrate based food, such as oats (I make delicious oat bars!). I like to have a high protein smoothie after working out.

Top motivational tip?

I really love the Nelson Mandela quote: It always seems impossible…until it’s done.

Trainer Bio

Known for her high voltage energy and her enthusiasm for helping people develop, Chiara has been listed by Women’s Health as one of the top inspiring female PTs in town. Following a career in Musical Theatre, she is now dedicating her life to revolutionise Londoners lifestyles with her expertise gained from instructing at London’s top fitness boutiques and her infections personality.

Chiara is a Tier 2 Personal Trainer

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