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Callum Melly


Body Transformations
Muscular Hypertrophy
Strength & Conditioning
Weight/Fat Loss
Nutrition (Pre-Grad ISSN Diploma student in Sports/Performance Nutrition)


Level 3 Personal Trainer
ISSN Diploma Pre-Grad


Favourite pre & post work out food?

Pre = Mashed banana & peanut butter on wholegrain toast.
Post = Vegan blend & instant oat protein shake or sweet chilli tofu, steamed vegetables & jasmine rice.

What is your favourite exercise?

Currently the kipping pull-up as I'm still yet to master it & I love a challenge! Next is muscle-ups.

What would you be if you wasn’t a PT?

I love the outdoors & animals, so given the opportunity I'd love to follow in sir David Attenborough footsteps, exploring the world & supporting animal conservation!

Trainer Bio

Fun. Outgoing. Motivational.

I am extremely passionate about health & fitness, I like to lead by example & practice what I preach. I am a Men’s Fitness magazine cover model, published fitness model, health & fitness writer, Men’s Health magazine contributor & an all-round good egg. I love what I do & I find nothing more rewarding than helping others achieve their health & fitness related goals. 

What makes me different from other trainers? I don’t just focus on the 1 hour I spend with my clients within the gym, I provide them with around the clock support to ensure they stay on track for the other 23 hours in the day & ultimately achieve the results they want. 

Feel free to check out my Instagram page to see my client transformations & personal achievements.

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