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Strength & Conditioning
Corrective Exercises
Body Composition
Sports Performance Training
HIIT & Bootcamp Training


(BSc) Bachelor of Science in Sports and Exercise Science
(MSc) Masters in Strength & Conditioning Coach
Precision Nutrition Coach Level 1
Advance Bootcamp Instructor
Assistant British Olympic Lifting Coach
Assistant Athletics Coach
REPS Level 2-3 Personal Trainer Qualification


How do you start your day?

Green Machine Smoothie

Top Motivational tip?

If you have a body, you are an athlete.

Tell us something about you that no one knows

I run both a Fitness and Gaming YouTube as my side hobby.

Trainer Bio

He is currently studying Strength & Conditioning MSc at Middlesex University as well as constantly researching new training methodologies to improve training sessions and client experience. He treats every client as a unique individual, tailoring training regimes to their goals and needs to ensure they reach their goal.

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