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Ben Bradley


Swimming - all ability groups
Olympic Weightlifting and S&C for sports performance


First class BSc Molecular Biology - Sussex
MSc Applied Biosciences and Biotechnology - Imperial College
ASA teaching and coaching levels 1&2
Qualified and experienced personal trainer


How do you start your day?

With black coffee! Then Swimming or Olympic Weightlifting.

What’s your favourite exercise?

Overhead clean-grip squats. Good for hips & core, great for swimming posture!

Tell us something about you that no one knows?

I have a degree and masters in geeky biosciences from Imperial College, where I was also head swimming coach during my study time.

Trainer Bio

Ben’s classes at Soho club are varied and entertaining. They encompass a range of drills and training sets to improve all four strokes. Outside the pool, Ben has competed in several longer open water events and can help you to improve your front crawl technique and race performance.

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