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Building water confidence/Learn to swim
Stroke development beginner/intermediate/advance
Event and/or Stroke specific training
Competitive/Masters swimming
Triathlon/Open water
Fin swimming


ASA/UKCC Level 1&2


What has been your favourite moment/highlight of being a PT?

There is no one particular moment. It is all about each and every one of those tiny little accomplishments made every session that leads to greater improvement of overall performance.

What is your favourite moment from your swimming career?

Finding out that our channel relay team set the fastest overall time in the 2017 season.

What is your lifestyle statement?

If it is worth doing, it is worth doing it right.

Trainer Bio

Arvids has always been in and around water sports. After an abrupt end to his competitive swimming, he has maintained his interest and expanded his knowledge in related sport disciplines. His addictive passion for swimming has led him to coaching as a lifestyle choice.

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