Andy Vincent

Andy has over 16 years experience working in the fitness industry, his main aim as a trainer is to get clients moving well, eating better, training smart and seeing results.
Andy specialises in movement biomechanics, using AiM methods, strength training and is a nutrition coach.

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Assessing movement
Strength training
Fat loss


Anatomy in Motion - Motion Practitioner Level 4
Poliquin PICP Strength & Conditioning Coach Level 2
UKSCA - Weight lifting & Plyometrics
Precision Nutrition - PN 1


Over the span of his career Andy has worked as a group exercise instructor, fitness manager and personal trainer. Andy has been also been lucky enough to have worked alongside some top strength & conditioning coaches, bodybuilders and bio mechanics specialists in this time and continues to expand his education studying within these areas.

Andy is a Elite Personal Trainer

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