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Aleks Pietrusz


Postural and Functional Movement Assessment
Sport injury Prevention and Rehabilitation
Functional Strength Training
Corrective Exercises
Back Pain
Fat Loss


BSc(Hons) Physiotherapy
HCPC and CSP registered
Level 3 ITEC Diploma in Sport Massage
Kinesio – Fundamental & Advanced Course (K1 & K2)
Rehab Trainer
Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training


What is your favourite exercise?

Hip Thrusts! Because who doesn't like strong and perky gluts!

What is Third Space to you?

A place of advanced physical achievements and learning. It is my favourite space.

It is cheat day, what’s your guilty pleasure?

Chocolate, chocolate, and chocolate again.

Trainer Bio

Aleks’s love for sport has started while attending a sport school and doing athletics in Poland. At the age of 18, she moved to the UK and started studying Physiotherapy in London. She has worked for 4 years as a Physiotherapy Researcher at UCL and a Sport Therapist in the private sector. Over the past few years she has been pursuing her academic career and connecting it with her passion for sports and fitness while also working as a Trainer.

Her personal interests are fat loss and body composition. She took part in a number of physique competitions and is keen on giving her clients nutritional tips and plans.

Aleks is a Tier 1 Personal Trainer

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