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Albane Courtois


Circuit training
Strength and conditionning
Body transformation
Kettlebell training
Nutrition adviser
Postural assessment and restoration
Healthy lifestyle promotion


Level 3 certificate in personal training, Premier training International
Level 2 certificate in fitness instructing, Premier training International
First aider


Favourite moment of being a PT?

Seeing people achieve their goals and start educating their loved ones about fitness and health.

What's your favourite quote?

"If you put your mind and heart into it, there isn't anything you can't do."

What's your career highlight?

Helping my client get the body she had always dreamed of for her wedding.

Trainer Bio

I have played sports since I can remember and with a nutritonist mom and a physiotherapist uncle, it wasn’t long before I started developping a real passion for it. It quickly became something that i couldn’t live without, as it made me feel better, more confident and happier. After years of working with my friends and family towards achieve their own fitness goals, I wanted to help people on a larger scale and became a personal trainer. The way I approach work with my clients isn’t very different, as I want to see them suceed just as much as I would with my family members.

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