London's leading private medical practice comes to our newest Club, Third Space City. Providing a full range of sports medicine services to keep you in the best condition. View our full list of services below.

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Most people have no idea how good their body is meant to feel. Osteopathy is the medicine of restoring correct movement and function back to the body. This means that even people without obvious injury can feel huge benefits. So whether you are nursing a sore knee or shoulder or wondering how to break through your PB in your workouts osteopathy has something to offer you. Our osteopaths have experience treating top elite athletes and are true experts in your body and each practitioner has their own particular specialism so we can place you with the best hands for you.

The Team:
Ben Brown and Andy Nicolettos

Initial Consultation £80
30min follow up £70
45min follow up £95
60min follow up £120


Making sure your muscles are firing correctly and allowing your body to move in a co-ordinated and efficient way will allow you to recover from your injuries as quickly as possible. Research has also shown that being as fit as possible pre-injury allows you to work through any injuries you are unfortunate enough to pick up with as little disruption as possible.

The Team:
Claudia Grifoni

Initial Consultation £100
60min follow up £90
45min follow up £80
30min follow up £65

Sports Massage

If you’re serious about fitness, sports massage can be a great asset to your training, relieving muscle tension and improving mobility. Located at Third Space Spa, our sports massage service is available to members and non-members.

By increasing circulation, sports massage brings in nutrients to help repair tissues and speeds up the removal of waste products from the body – helping to reduce recovery time and enabling you to train longer and harder.

Sports massage also reduces the chances of over-use injuries and enhances muscle flexibility and joint mobility. It can improve posture and the function of specific body areas, and psychologically it creates a feeling of being prepared for a training session or event.

The Team
Alex Iavu

60 minutes £130
45 minutes £80
30 minutes £65

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