Third Space Islington Little Space

KIDS only 

A dedicated children’s area with world-class facilities specially designed for growing bodies: from junior sports hall to family swimming pool, from separate family changing rooms to our bespoke Little Rigs, these are facilities adults will be envious of.

Lessons & activities

Enjoy specially-created classes designed to challenge young bodies and capture imaginations. Working with child-at-heart expert instructors, your child will learn to burn energy on the rig, stay flexible with yoga, improve balance in dance, and work together and compete in team sports.

Little athletes, Big appetites

Nothing builds up an appetite like fun physical play. You can expect your kids to finish their high-energy classes happy but hungry, and our healthy snack bar is just the thing to replenish nutrients, satisfy rumbly tummies and instil healthy eating habits.

Born active


London’s first multi-active space dedicated to energetic little minds and bodies. Climb, swim, dance, stretch, jump, throw, catch; a unique space for them to develop and grow.



What could be better at getting your kids into exercise than a rig that’s just for them? Working with our coaches, your child will explore the full potential of the Little Rig. This is a high-energy class where children are encouraged to use the space and equipment through friendly competition and teamwork. They will jump, climb, twist, pull, grasp, lunge and run, building agility, stamina, body awareness, strength and coordination. Expect them to use the monkey bars, cargo net, TRX, rings and floor to their maximum potential.


A high-energy class where kids work in pairs as they explore a fun-filled circuit. Tagging in and out and encouraging each other, they will use a mix of boxes, climbing ropes, stability discs, agility ladders, hurdles, slam balls, body weight moves and much more. They bring the energy. We bring the fun.


Working in two squads, children swap between running and circuit stations, learning to switch between high skill and high-energy movements. Friendly competition keeps kids motivated, builds camaraderie and encourages communication skills, making this a great introduction or complement to team sports. They will take part in a range of movements and interval activities designed to use the whole body, using cones, hurdles, slam balls and more.


Help your mini-yogis build flexibility, focus and calm with a yoga class that’s designed for younger bodies and minds. Through a series of fun, active and passive movements and poses, they’ll build a practice of their very own that will bring physical and mental benefits both on and off the mat including better concentration, body awareness and emotional resilience.


A fun and inclusive version of everyone’s favourite daily workout. Your kids have seen how much you love The WOD, now they have a version that’s just for them. Your child will take part in an ever-changing class of carefully-selected moves in a time frame, encouraging focus, good form and tenacity. They’ll learn to count their reps, check their form and do their best, using equipment like rings, kettle bells and stability sticks.


Try everything with this ever-changing sports programme that’s designed to keep kids inspired. Your child will have a go at football, mini-tennis, basketball and lots more, developing a huge range of physical skills. They’ll run, jump, catch, throw, twist, turn, and never get bored. Focusing on teamwork skills, confidence, hand-eye and foot-eye coordination and listening skills, this programme has been developed in line with the national curriculum. But it never feels anything but fun, exciting and playful.


Dance isn’t just fun, it’s also great for posture, balance, coordination, concentration and even maths and counting skills. In this stimulating class your child will learn the fundamentals of contemporary and street dance, building a foundation for a lifetime of dancing. They’ll develop their self-expression, creativity and confidence and learn to enjoy moving their body. And best of all? It’s so fun they won’t even realise they’re learning.


A quiet, inspiring place where your kids can focus on their afterschool work.A dedicated study space where they can hit the books, while you hit the gym.

Free Family Swimming

The learn to swim programme is a key part of our offering at Little Space. In order to run these lessons, the training pool will be closed to free family swimming at the following times:

Monday – Thursday: 4pm to 5.30pm
Saturday – Sunday: 9am to 2pm

Outside of these times, the training pool is open 8am to 8pm (Monday to Sunday) for free family swimming with accompanying lifeguard.

30 mins

42 sessions per year

3 months – 11 years


Teach them the fundamentals of swimming and lay the foundations for a lifelong love of the water, in a safe and enjoyable environment. Our swim school for 3 months – 11 years follows the structure and approach of the Swim England Learn to Swim programme.

Please see our Swim Terms and Conditions here.


Will my child remain in the same class as before?

Yes, we will resume where we left off so your child will remain in the same class, day and time. To remind yourself of your day and time you can log onto your Homeportal: or check your email confirmation.

Do I need to let you know my child is returning?

No, however if you’re not returning in September and you’re still booked into a class let the Swim Manager know or you may be charged.

Can I change day and time?

You can request a new day/time but please be aware this may not be available straight away.

I cancelled my child’s swim lessons just before the closure of the club, but wish to return. What do I do?

Please email the Swim Manager ASAP and we will book you back into the same slot where possible.

Are there any new restrictions following government guidelines?

Yes, more information will be provided via member emails.

Will we get refunded for the lessons missed in March?

Your direct debit will be amended in September to take account of the missed lessons in March.

I want to add a sibling or enrol into the swim school.

Please inquire, we will accommodate as soon as possible.

Since the closure of the club my child has turned 3, should they move up?

Your child will remain in the adult and child class for the time being. Teachers will have to teach from poolside (please see guidelines) so an adult will need to be in the water anyway.

When can my child move up?

We will be assessing your child weekly and will keep up to date with their stage but to reduce movement in the swim school we may have to combine stages for the first term. With the classes being a max 3 our experienced teachers will be able to adapt to this and continue to progress your child within the class.

I have questions about the new guidelines who do I ask?

Please contact the Swim Manager if you have any questions or concerns regarding the new structure.

45-60 mins

Full Term Course (12-14 weeks)

18 months – 11 years


From early years to advanced, our Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) registered ballet school is designed to build a solid foundation in dance, in a fun, enjoyable, creative environment. Led by an ex-professional ballerina and West End performer, this programme will build confidence, focus, posture, flexibility and critical thinking. Expect a fun yet structured introduction to the joys of dance.

45 mins

Full Term Course (12-14 weeks)

3-11 years


Build their football skills in a fun, pressure-free environment. Your child will gain a positive introduction to sport as a whole, not just football, so they are more likely to stay healthy and active throughout their lives. Following the FA pathway, they can progress through graded age-appropriate classes that give them a real opportunity to develop their physical and interpersonal skills.

45 mins

Full Term Course (12-14 weeks)

3 – 11 years


Help them develop invaluable skills that stay with them forever. From increased respect and self-discipline to improved confidence, fitness and team skills, martial arts such as kickboxing can shape a child’s character and help them take life in their stride.

45 mins

Full Term Course (12-14 weeks)

18 months – 7 years


Channel their boundless energy and build their confidence with our gymnastics programme. With a focus on fun, flexibility, balance and strength through movement, music, learning and laughter this class will nurture ongoing skill development and boost self-esteem. Your child will discover things they never thought they could do whilst making friends and having fun in a structured environment.

Monday – Friday 06:00 – 22:00
Saturday – Sunday 08:00 – 20:00

Kick back together before or after your workout in a dedicated social space for families. Nourishing handmade snacks and made-to-order fruit smoothies are available for refuelling big and little bodies.

60-90 MINS

3 months – 5 years


Our Ofsted registered crèche is open 7 days
a week for kids aged 3 months to 5 years, run in partnership with Tinies, the UK’s leading childcare company. Book your child into this paid-for service for up to 90 mins a day, leaving you free to enjoy our adult club facilities.

We ask that all members arrive at least 10 minutes early for their booked activity in order to pass through the thermal scanner and check-in at concierge. Children under 3 years can be scanned with our handheld thermometer for convenience.

We ask members to enter the club either by the stairs or via the lift if its more convenient, ensuring only 1 household is using the lift at a time.

Please show your class booking on the App at the concierge desk so we can check-in your child. For swimming lessons, your child’s name and class time will be checked against our booking system. We ask all members both adults and children to swipe their cards to access Little Space.

If attending Little or Tiny Rig free play areas or the swimming pool and are supervising your own children within Little Space you will not need to book, however maximum capacity signs will be in place on the rig and soft play areas. We ask members to be respectful of each other when using these areas and limit your time appropriately if the area is at its maximum capacity. The maximum dwell time for each visit to Little Space for each family is 2 hours.

Members will be required to book for Family Swim sessions on weekends from 2pm – 8pm via the Third Space App.

We ask that you please drop off and collect your children promptly from each activity in order for us to ensure a smooth running of Little Space, adhering to the government guidelines in place.

All equipment will be cleaned before and after each class by our teams. As part of our additional safety protocols, children will be escorted as a group to wash their hands before and after each session as good etiquette by a member of the Little Space team during the registration and pick-up period of each class. In addition, we have installed hand dispensers around Little Space with Nilaqua, an alcohol-free sanitizer suitable for children.

When you are supervising your child in the free-play areas please wipe down the equipment you use before and after use with the cleaning equipment provided around Little Space.

When Little Space NFF is closed, members are able to enter the adult NFF to purchase items. No children may enter the adult lounge or further into the adult club past the NFF counter. Please return to Little Space family lounge to consume your purchase.

Will little ones have their temperature checked on entrance the building?

Yes, our thermal scanner will be located at our main concierge desk and will scan both you and your children on entry to the club to ensure no-one has a raised temperature.

Will the Rig be open for free play?

Yes Little Rig will be open for free play when classes are not running and Tiny Rig will be open for free play at all times for the Under 3s.

What hand sanitisers will be used in Little Space?

Nilaqua – An alcohol-free sanitiser approved and used daily within the NHS which is non-irritating and is a non-toxic solution.

Children will also be asked to wash their hands before and after each session along with the Little Spaces instructors.

Can we use the Family lounge area?

Yes this will be open for members to use as before, however we ask you to limit your time in these areas to 2 hours and comply with our social distancing guidelines.

Will our freeze option be complimentary after September and do I need to let you know?

Your Little Space membership will be on automatic freeze until we reopen in September, if you are unable to return after this time, please let us know and we will organise a free freeze for your membership available up until the end of the year.

Does my adult membership need to be activated to use Little Space, including dropping to swimming lessons and paid courses?

Yes, a full paying adult attached to the child’s membership will need to be in place in order for your child to use Little Space.

How are you planning to socially distance the children?

Class sizes will be reduced in capacity and each child will receive their own piece of kit or specific equipment in order to participate in sessions. All equipment used will be cleaned between each session, along with regular hand washing throughout.

Will the CrÉche be open?

We are awaiting clear Government guidance on crèches in the UK and therefore the crèche will remained closed until further notice.

How long can each member stay in Little Space per day?

To allow for children to attend 2 Little Space classes, we have extended the total club time the family can stay within the club to 2 hours.

How do you book into Little Space?

Please book your classes as before on the Third Space App. To use the Little Space pool for family use, members need to book a slot via the App for weekends from 2pm – 8pm. Members do not need to book for family swimming outside of these times. Our pool is exclusively used for swimming lessons at various times throughout the week so please refer to the opening times for family swimming.

If you were previously booked onto courses, a member of the team will be in touch.

For new course bookings, please contact our Family Activities Manager who will be happy to help on