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Children only 

A dedicated children’s area with world-class facilities: From junior sports hall to swimming pool, changing rooms to a little rig. Facilities the adults would be envious of.

Lessons & activities

Instructor led classes designed for growing bodies. Burn energy on the rig, stay flexible with yoga, improve balance in dance, co-operate and compete in team sports.

They play, you train

With a creche, cafe and homework club, Little Space is designed to keep your kids active while you train. And with activity schedules synced to adult classes, you’re free to focus on your PB.

Born active


London’s first multi-active space dedicated to energetic little minds and bodies. Climb, swim, dance, stretch, jump, throw, catch; A unique space for them to develop and grow.



Working with our innovative Little Rig the children take part in a high energy class using the space to exercise and focus on all round fitness with friendly competition and teamwork.


The classes are designed for the children to have a good workout developing their cardiovascular health and mobility, the children will work through a variety of stations in pairs using Little Rig.  A great workout with a strong focus on building strength and stamina.


Using a range of different exercise experiences the children will work out in two groups and will take part in interval exercises building stamina and flexibility with lots of fun using the Little Rig and floor based exercises.


Yoga classes at Little Space will help children build their flexibility and help them focus calmly helping them with their concentration and attention, developing flexibility, inner strength and body awareness.  The experiences are developed to be fun, active and passive and use creative expression, games, music and story-telling to bring the yoga experience to life. The classes are offered both age specific and also to support family and group experiences.


Using the open floor space and Little Rig these classes use cross-style fitness programmes and will utilise bodyweight and equipment to develop good movement patterns and full body flexibility.


The programme is designed to give children the opportunity to experience different sports including; football, mini-tennis and basketball to help them develop their gross motor skills across a broad range of areas, including balance, climbing, running, jumping, throwing and catching, hand-eye and foot-eye coordination.  It is great to help small children become competent across the broad range of motor skills in an environment where they also learn team-working skills and social skills with children of their own age in line with national curriculum development outcomes.


Contemporary and street dance sessions for children


After school children have homework and quiet study requirements. Here at Little Space we have a space for the children to do this, somewhere safe away from the sports and activity, to read, draw and complete their sums.

30 mins

42 sessions per year

3 months – 11 years


Our children’s swimming timetable teaches children from the ages of 3 months – 11 years the fundamentals of swimming in a fun and safe teaching environment following the structure and approach of the Swim England Learn to Swim programme. The Swim England programme is the number one national swim teaching syllabus for all ages, where children are taught through a fun games-led approach, and encouraged and rewarded with certificates and badges as they progress and move forwards. Developed by swimming experts and structured around different age groups, it is the most successful swimming programme in the UK, which is exactly why we’ve adopted its format.

Using this foundation, Little Space Swimming lessons are based on fun, structured activities that work to teach kids the basics of swimming and water safety. Our classes are run by expert teachers and we make sure groups remain small, with a maximum of 3 children, so they receive the individual attention they need.

Our programme works on the principal of continuous assessment and your child’s progress is marked during each session and can develop in their own time. You will able to track your child’s progress using through your account on the Third Space website.

Our core swimming programme runs for 42 weeks over the year with breaks after the school terms.

45-60 mins

Full Term Course (12-14 weeks)

18 months – 11 years


Our Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) registered ballet school caters for students from early years to advanced and is led by ex-professional ballerina and west end performer, Anna Forbes. The benefits of your child participating in ballet include improved self-confidence, focus, posture, flexibility and critical-thinking. For children aged 18 months to 5 years, we provide classes with a fun yet structured introduction to the joys of dance. All students aged 5 years and above learn the RAD Syllabus and can complete annual examinations. Our teachers are professional ballerinas and with extensive performing experience and all fully qualified RAD teachers. Our focus is on creating dancers with beautiful technique, a lovely sense of expression and confidence that will carry them forward in life.

30-45 mins

Full Term Course (12-14 weeks)

3-11 years


Our Academy teaches football in a fun, pressure-free environment. We want to give children a positive introduction to sport as a whole, not just football, so they are more likely to stay healthy and active throughout their lives. Coached in the right way it can stimulate imagination and aid early development skills such as learning colours and numbers, following instructions and playing as a team. Following the FA pathway, we have graded classes that are age appropriate giving the children a real opportunity to develop their physical and interpersonal skills.

30-45 mins

Full Term Course (12-14 weeks)

3 – 11 years


By starting young, children are equipped with invaluable skills that stay with them forever. From increased respect and self-discipline to improved confidence, fitness and team skills, martial arts such as kickboxing can shape a child’s character and help them take life in their stride.

Our programme powered by The Martial Arts Place are kickboxing classes for children, with a specially structured syllabus that covers first-aid skills, stranger awareness and road safety. It includes a fun grading system which encourages self-improvement and allows the students’ progress to be monitored carefully.

45 mins

Full Term Course (12-14 weeks)

18 months – 7 years


Our age-appropriate gymnastics programme has a real focus on fun, flexibility, balance and strength using movement, music, learning and laughter to nurture ongoing skill development and boost self-esteem. Our parent and child classes promote early development and provide a strong foundation for your child’s critical first three years. Our pre-school programme will help your child channel their boundless energy, reach developmental milestones, build self-confidence, make friends and have great fun in a structured environment. Our older group will follow our graded internal pathway.

Coming in Jan 2020…

Monday – Friday: 07:00 – 19:00

Saturday – Sunday: 09:00 – 17:00

Kick back together before or after your workout in a dedicated social space for families. Nourishing handmade snacks and made-to-order fruit smoothies are available for refuelling big and little bodies.

Max 2 hours (30 min slots)

3 months – 5 years


Our OFSTED registered crèche operates 7 days a week for children aged 3 months to 5 years and is run in partnership with Tinies, the UK’s leading childcare company. This paid for services allows Third Space Members to book their child in for a maximum of 2 hours per day so they can train and experience the adult club facilities.

The Creche has a dedicated, safe and secure area within Little Space fully equipped to ensure your little one has a wonderful experience with us. Moreover, our people are central piece to our offering, which is why we have a strong ethos to recruit, develop and maintain an excellent team. We have a number of robust systems to ensure that standards meet Ofsted requirements, the Children’s Act and all other legislation. 

2 hours

3 – 11 years


Make your children’s birthday a magical day to remember with our Little Space themed parties. Choose from a menu of fun-packed Signature classes followed by food and drink in a themed dressed room to add sparkle to their special day. 

Coming soon in Jan 2020…

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