Elevation 3.0

The challenge

Training at altitude can take athletic performance to new heights. Elevation 3.0 brings Third Space’s unique altitude challenge to City: 4 disciplines at the equivalent of 3,200m above sea level. Fastest time scales the leaderboard.









The Space

The Third Space Hypoxic Chamber is the most advanced, natural, training tool. By exercising in a low oxygen environment, members can develop enhanced endurance & stamina. A 15 min high intensity session in the chamber can be equivalent of a one hour workout at sea level.

The Prizes

Fastest male & female times scale the leader board with the winners taking home a 6-month Third Space membership, an active wear set from Lululemon or Castore and a Third Space water bottle.

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The Leaderboard

Caitlin Dimbleby 13:16:20
Lucy Gornall 14:13:97
Patricia Ademe 16:16:30
Sophie Best 17:40:18
Chloe Trigg 13:20:67
Ben Aldis 10:21:25
Alex Nicholl 10:26:32
Faisal Abdalla 10:29:99
David Birtwistle 10:30:26
Dave Arnot 10:37:56
Tom Bliss 10:43:81
Joe Corrie 10:52:58
Harry Sellers 11:00:82
Bobby Rich 11:02:27
Ben Davie 11:05:33
Harvey Lawton 11:07:17
Francis Jones 11:13:30
Chris Baxter 11:14:84
Fergus Gilmoor 11:18:72
Joel Nutrifix 11:40:19
Michael Jennings 11:46:30
Luiz Fernando Da Silva Madalena 11:56:17
Seb Johansson 12:02:68
Laurence Shelsher 12:12:36
James Borrett 12:22:63
Dean Valis 12:24:40
Ben Jones 12:29:87
Jamal Kurdi 12:36:45
Louis Rennocks 12:42:89
Byron Rennocks 13:15:07
Tim Curtis 13:48:23
Ollie Weguelin 13:37:56
Emmanuel Ovola 13:49:28
Lee Stephens 13:58:52
Martin Wu 14:33:27
Alex Marks 13:58:68
Elliot Payne 15:08:84
Jeremy Campagno 15:23:08
Emmanuel Oloko 16:53:29
Leo Savage 11:28:82
Alex Rennie 12:44:88
Kate Maxey 13:18:78
Ayden Isaac-George 13:24:29
Amy Kerr 16:42:62
Sebastien Bornil 17:01:50


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