To be entered into the challenge you must sign up via Eventbrite with a donation to charity of £10. Donations will go to the winners chosen charity.
There are dedicated times on Eventbrite where the hypoxic chamber can be used, no official participation in the competition is allowed outside of these hours.
You may enter the challenge more than once, maximum three times.
Only entries timed and monitored by a third space fitness team member will be entered on the leader board found online on the Third Space website.
There are no refunds. All monies collected will go to charity.
Please arrive 5 mins before your start time or you will miss your allocated . Each allocated slot is 30minutes. If you fail to complete in 30 mins you will need to vacate the chamber.
There can only be x3 people in the chamber at any one time – the participant, adjudicator and a support person if the participant requires it.
Once on the versa climber your feet must remain in the straps and your hands on the handle bars until you have completed the 800ft distance.
Once on the Wattbike your feet must remain in the straps and you on the seat until you have completed the 1.5Km distance.
Once on the Technogym skill mill you must push in the designated sled push position with your torso on the handle bars and you must not stop until you have completed the 50m distance or it may reset at which point you must start again from 0m.
Once on the treadmill you must set the incline to 2% before starting the 1km distance.
Once the incline and speed has been set you may not step off the Woodway, touch the handles or any other part of the machine except the belt or the speed toggle/buttons to increase or decrease your speed.
Challenge commences when you start on the versa climber and ends when 1km is complete it on the treadmill. The official digital clock used to time the challenge is mounted on the wall in the chamber.
Our fastest male and fastest female will be announced September 30th 2017. Entries to be posted on social media post challenge.
All participants must sign a health waiver. This challenge is built to test physical fitness and push limits. Participation is granted on the basis that the guest has not been advised by his / her medical practitioner that strenuous exercise is inadvisable or poses a risk to the guests health.
Non-members can participate but must be nominated by an existing member via social media and must bring id on the day of the challenge.
Participants must be over 18.
We reserve the right to refuse anyone entry into the club.
We reserve the right to alter the rules of the challenge inclusive of this document at any time.
The challenge is: 
Versa climber –800 ft. 
Watt bike – 1.5Km
Skill mill sled push on max 50m 
Running – Woodway 1km 2% incline 

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