Train anywhere, anytime

Live online classes are available exclusively for our members through the Third Space app. Based on our award-winning classes and designed by the best instructors in London to make fitness fun. Follow these simple steps to take part …

1. Download the app

Download On Android or Apple here:

2. Book your class

Open the Third Space app

Click the home button in the top left corner of the screen


Set your club to ‘Virtual’

Find your favourite class and book


3. Claim your space

Pick somewhere with enough room to lay down a yoga mat.

Try and be close to the router for the best WiFi connection


4. Set up your equipment

The essentials are a yoga matt, sweat towel and water bottle.

The class description will outline the equipment you need. This may include dumbbells, kettlebells, yoga blocks or bolsters.

For beginners we recommend between 4kg and 10kg dumbbells for most of our classes and between 8kg and 12kg kettlebells.

For the advanced, we recommend between 10kg and 16kg dumbbells and between 16kg – 20kg kettlebells.

To buy equipment, visit our shop with Stronger Wellness, where you can choose a selection of weights. Use promo code: TRAININGFORLIFE15 for a 15% discount.


5. Grab your Myzone belt

Whilst not essential, nothing will motivate you more than seeing your workout stats. Strap on your MyZone belts and earn those MEPs.


6. Get in the zone

Window open? Lights on? Playlist going? You know how you like to train.

Our classes are designed to be viewed on your mobile or tablet but for the best experience, connect to a big screen. You can do this using an HDMI cable or wirelessly using Chromecast or Apple TV.

Leave any devices that you’re not using for the session in another room and turn off notifications for all other apps on your chosen device so you can focus.


7. Train

Open the Third Space app and select your pre-booked class.


App workouts

Wherever you need it: members get access to guided meditation and home workouts programmed by Third Space Elite PTs, at the click of a button.