Master productivity, sleep, stress and sweat with our collection of instant upgrades.

In a bid to help you boost body and mind on a tight schedule we’ve spent the last seven weeks delivering a series of expert-led articles to help you squeeze more from every day and night. Across workouts, nutrition, supplements and recovery, our trainers have shared their tips to make every hour count. Together we’ve mastered the high-performance lifestyle. But we have one final gift.

Below we’ve collated the products, playlists and people best placed to support your continued pursuit of high performance on a tight schedule. When work and other responsibilities threaten to take over and push your mental and physical health onto the back-burner, deploy our list of helpful tips to get back on track. What are you waiting for?

Third Space High Performance Lifestyle

Top 5: Podcasts For High Performers

  1. Getting Things Done
  2. The 5am Miracle
  3. Accidental Creative
  4. ProdPod
  5. Extreme Productivity
Third Space High Performance Lifestyle

Top 5: Products For Improved Sleep

  1. Better You Sleep Lotion
  2. Magnesium Bath Salts
  3. Deep Sleep Pillow Spray
  4. Neals Yard Essential Oils
  5. Simba Sleep Mattress
Third Space High Performance Lifestyle

Top 5: Spotify Sleep Playlists

  1. Sleep
  2. Sleep: Into The Ocean
  3. Fall Asleep
  4. Nature Noise
  5. Dreamcatcher
Third Space High Performance Lifestyle Book Aroused

Top 5: Books for High Performers

  1. High Performance Habits: How Extraordinary People Become That Way
  3. The Power of Habit
  4. Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance
  5. You Can Fix Your Brain
Third Space High Performance Lifestyle

Top 5: Sleep Supplements

  1. Motion Nutrition – Unplug
  2. T2 – Sleep Tight Tea
  3. Wunder Workshops Adaptogenic Blend
  4. HUM Nutrition Beauty ZZZZZ
  5. My Vitamins – Beauty Sleep
Third Space High Performance Lifestyle

Top 5: Instagram Accounts To Follow For Mindfulness Inspiration

  1. Leo Cosendai
  2. Michael James Wong
  3. Cat Meffan
  4. Jasmine Hemsley
  5. Shona Vertue
Third Space High Performance Lifestyle

Top 5: 30 Minute Workouts

  1. 30 mins to workout? No problem
  2. The Best Lunch Break Workout
  3. 3 Workouts To Outrun Treadmill Boredom
  4. 30 Minute Strength MetCon Workout
  5. Your Week of WODs